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Columbia Ashlynn

Columbia Ashlynn

Columbia Ashlynn Hardwood flooring collection has a little bit of everything from the contemporary feels traditionalist love to cutting edge and unusual shades that the “Avant Garde” crave. It is a like a “Poo Poo” platter for design aficionados who need variety at its best. Made from the best oak in the world, this collection is an intriguing concept of what happens with both the airiness of light combined with the heaviness of the dark. You get something truly out of this world!

Columbia Ashlynn Blanched Almond Oak is the lightest in this surprising collection with its taupe meets creamy coloring that would definitely deliver some fun to the average American kitchen. The second lightest color in this riveting collection is Ashlynn Butternut Hickory with its honey brown tone that contemporary designers and homeowners will adore! For the darker more macabre lovers, there is Columbia Ashlynn Henna and Sable Oak which is bring a real oak wood with deep tinges of mahogany and chocolate shades. For lighter shades of brown, try Ashlynn Hazel Oak and Wool Hickory which perfectly balance light vs dark.

Available in only one size, 5,” this collection is nothing short of breathtaking with its sumptuous deep browns and tawny, golden highlights. Whether you choose Columbia Ashlynn Blanched Almond Oak or the equally wonderful Ashlynn Henna Oak, you really can’t go wrong because all color choices are top notch. For a deeply original collection that strives to give a healthy balance of light and dark, bright and beautiful, airy and dramatic, this collection is a one stop shop. Choose your property and let the transformation begin. There is an endless of array of fun options with this assemblage so pick your color and let the fun begin. You can thank us later!