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Cerdomus Epic

Cerdomus Epic

Cerdomus Epic Wood Grain Porcelain Tile Flooring Collection embodies what the word “epic” itself traditionally represents: a long, poetic narration of the actions and adventures of legendary – often heroic – people or events in history. Derived from ancient, oral tradition, the word epic has inspired a modern and new, transformative series – and the journey within this series is centered on wood turning to stone. The collection certainly wears its name proudly as a frontier that has been crossed with something fresh and innovative created.

By nature, this collection is as versatile as it gets. However, it’s just as suited for low-key, modest commercial or residential design projects, or those wishing to achieve a metropolitan ambience. There are five award-worthy shades in this series, which all reach a petrified and fossilized wood look on strong and durable porcelain. With a dynamic, high definition printing process that creates incredibly realistic graphics and designs, this collection’s color palette opens up with Epic Camel – a mixing of different shades of gray with a wood grain look. Epic Dark Brown is a rich shade with an expensive look, and Epic Pearl is a gorgeous and bright pearly white color. Two other shades round out the collection – Epic Taupe and Epic White. Each color is available in a pair of sizes, with 8x40 inch rectified plank tiles and narrower 4x40 inch planks – allowing for greater design capabilities and versatility. The long planks also make this collection well-suited for both residential and commercial projects. To add a nice finishing touch with trim, an elongated 2x40 inch Bullnose is available – paving the way for a more completed look.

From its bold, divergent features – some reminiscent of travertine marble or wood-grained planks – this complete series is well-suited for design schemes that are natural and minimalistic in essence. The Cerdomus Epic Porcelain Tile Flooring Collection is that and much more – your floors and walls will thank you.