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Burke Stone Vinyl Slate Concrete Travertine

Burke Stone Vinyl Slate Concrete Travertine

Burke Natural Stone luxury vinyl tile flooring projects a strikingly modern look reminiscent of authentic grey floor tile made from natural stone. The boldness of the Burke Natural Stone collection lies within its subtlety and simplicity. Elegant and sophisticated, the varying shades of grey found in this vinyl flooring collection are ideal for homes with modern décor sensibilities and businesses that want to create a minimalist yet professional appearance. Turn your home into a bold fashion statement without emptying your bank accounts, and consider the tasteful Burke Natural Stone collection for your living space or commercial endeavor.

Burke Natural Stone luxury vinyl is available in elongated 12”x24” tiles and three subtly different shades of grey. Iron Stone is the darkest shade available in this collection, ideal for modern homes with a bold feel. For a more versatile shade that has the potential to look great in contemporary applications as well, the intermediate Gray Stone is an excellent pick. Sand Stone subtly breaks the mold of the former two colors, as this shade projects tiny hints of sea blue for a modern yet relaxed appearance.