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Bruce Hardwood Westchester Engineered Plank

Bruce Hardwood Westchester Engineered Plank

Westchester Engineered Plank is a series of Bruce hardwood flooring designed to be an attractive floor option for any contemporary space. These floors feature versatile, natural wooden tones that match well with most color schemes and styles of décor. With traditional, white, and red oak to choose from in ten different color schemes such as Butterscotch, a light beige hue, Cherry, a medium brown with a slight red tint, and Gunstock, a beautiful light brown, these floors provide a look that is naturally gorgeous in a home. There are two widths of planks in this series, 3 ¼”, and 4 ½” allowing for different layouts and designs to be created.

The wood used in the Westchester Engineered Plank collection of Bruce hardwood floors is engineered, meaning that every plank is constructed using multiple ply layers, which increases the floors durability, resistance to moisture, and versatility. These floors however are virtually indistinguishable from solid wood flooring, with their beautiful natural finishes, and elegant style, they are capable of transforming any space into one of distinguished class.