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Bruce Hardwood Waltham Strip

Bruce Hardwood Waltham Strip

The Armstrong Brue Waltham Plank hardwood flooring is beautifully handcrafted flooring, complete with hand scrapping to give you a gorgeous, elegant, and aged hardwood look that is everything beautiful about nature.

What’s amazing about this hardwood collection is the delicious colors there are to choose from. There is the reddish brown Armstrong Brue Waltham Plank Whiskey, inspired by the coppery hue of the drink. Cornsilk is a sweet and light coppery reddish brown for those that like the look red in woods but do not wish for such a dark shade. There is Kenya, a handsome brown that is like a delicious dark chocolate bar waiting for a bite. Of course there are classic golden hues as well, such as Gunstock which is heavily marked with dark golden graining to give this golden option a bold and dramatic look. Brass is a color inspired by what you may find with brass instruments – a shade of brown and gold mixing together. However unlike brass instruments, this hardwood hue has more brown present than gold. On the softer end of the spectrum is Country Natural, a soft golden color mixed with light tan, etched with intense, dark graining to give the plank an intense design.

The Armstrong Brue Waltham Plank hardwood flooring measures up at a 3¼ width where the length of the wood is left up to you and your project discretion, making hardwood a great choice in customizing your floors to fit your needs.