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Bruce Hardwood Natural Choice Strip

Bruce Hardwood Natural Choice Strip

The Bruce hardwood flooring Natural Choice Strip collection is a series of wooden floors designed to profess an air of elegance, and offer a beautiful option that perfectly accentuates the design of most spaces. This line of attractive wood flooring showcases the natural beauty of traditional and white oak in ten different shades, all of which offer a sense of awe inspiring sophistication. The available color choices include Natural, an unfinished wood designed to showcase oaks prevailing beauty, Cherry, an attractive light red tone, Gunstock, a natural looking light brown, Amber, a vibrant medium brown, Sierra, a dark brown with a traditional appearance, and more. These stunning shades are perfect for enhancing the appearance of any space, and offer to create a traditional, natural ambience wherever applied.

The size of plank available in the Bruce hardwood flooring Natural Choice Strip series is 2 ¼” allowing for a distinctive, classical appearance to be displayed, helping to accentuate the elegance and class of any space. These floors look wonderful in any home, and are durable, allowing them to last for years to come with only the basic precautions expected for a hardwood floor to be taken. Perfect for accenting any space, and creating an aura of sophisticate beauty, this collection of gorgeous hardwood flooring is an excellent addition to any home’s décor.