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Bruce Dundee Plank Hardwood Flooring Sale

Bruce Dundee Plank Hardwood Flooring Sale

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Bruce Dundee Hardwood is the classic look of hardwood taken to a new level. By taking the classic beauty of oak and meshing it with the elegance of wide hardwood and blending it with stunning colors, you get something truly beautiful in hardwood. There are many gorgeous colors to choose from in this collection, such as the Bruce Dundee Hardwood Oak Cherry, which is a lovely dark and rich red shaped with dark red graining, giving the hardwood beautiful, natural and artistic design. The majority of these woods are lighter in color to choose from, such as gorgeous golds like Butterscotch, purely inspired by classic hardwood flooring we all know and love. Butterrum takes on an even richer gold tone, giving the hardwood of this hue a very yellow-gold look, giving your space a rather elegant look. For browns, you have the ever handsome Saddle which is a warm, hot cocoa color, lined with strong, dark grey graining as if someone added dark chocolate syrup to the mix. Mocha is a darker brown the color of mocha. This hue is blended with tones of darker brown to give the wood a bit of character. The Bruce Dundee Hardwood has two stylish sizes to choose from. There is the wide 5 plank format for those that enjoy larger stylized hardwood flooring and there is the smaller 2 wide format for those that like to try something new with style.