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Bruce Hardwood American Originals

Bruce Hardwood American Originals

The Bruce hardwood American Originals selection of wooden flooring options includes various finishes designed to appear worn, providing a perfect accent to any space with a rustic design. These floors create a sense of warm comfort, with a lived in look that is sure to make any space in a home feel inviting and cozy. Using traditional, sturdy wood species such as red oak, maple, and hickory, these floors help to convey an image of antiquity, capturing the look of a classic country home flawlessly. There are many finishes to choose from including Grand Canyon, a medium wooden shade with a reddish tint, Cimarron, a vibrant medium brown wooden finish, Shenandoah, a dark brown color with a worn look, perfect for creating a rustic look, and several more.

The high quality, classic looking wooden floors included in the American Originals series of Bruce hardwood flooring come in plank widths of 3” or 5” with various lengths, allowing for different looks to be achieved, all depending on one’s own personal style and taste. These floors are perfect for matching the décor of rustic, antique homes, or for adding a classic touch of the country to more modern architecture, featuring a Permion Urethane coat to make sure that this collection of wooden flooring will stand up to daily use for years to come, with only the basic care required. Great for adding an atmosphere of timeless beauty to any space, these floors are a gorgeous asset to any home’s design.