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Armstrong Alterna Reserve

Armstrong Alterna Reserve

The Armstrong Alterna Reserve collection is an elegant new addition to Armstrong’s Luxury Vinyl line. This premium vinyl flooring collection beautifully recreates the subtle textures and dramatic contours of natural stone tile. The vinyl material is limestone enriched for the most authentic look and feel. The wax-free wear layer is ultra-durable and abrasion-resistant. This luxury vinyl collection offers a variety of advantages over natural stone.

This collection comes in plenty of colors, which include Alterna Reserve Classico Travertine Blue Mist Beige, a light stony blend of greys and light browns, Classico Travertine Cameo Brown Grey that fuses a rich variety of earthy hues into a dramatic blend, and Moselle Valley Forest Green Copper, which involves darker shades with bold blends of grey and brown, producing a copper and a “green” appearance. There is also Cuarzo Iron Blue which is a popular choice because of its monolithic mingling of deep greys and dark browns. This sleek shade is equally suited for traditional and contemporary environments. Multi Glaze is a blend of tans, greys, and beiges with a tinge of red, creating a look of rocks found in the desert. With so many stunning designs within this luxury vinyl collection that mirrors the look of natural stone, you’re sure to find something great for your project that will not only look stunning but leave the bank thanking you as well.

The Armstrong Alterna Reserve luxury vinyl collection comes in a variety of sizes, both traditional and contemporary. There is the large 12”x24” contemporary format great for large spaces and for those that like to show off the beauty of their flooring. There is also the smaller 8”x16” sized format for smaller spaces and projects but still want to look the contemporary part. For the traditional sizes, there is the large 16”x16” format available for those larger projects and for those that tend to stick to the traditional look of flooring but also enjoys showing off their flooring. A smaller option of 8”x8” is available that is great for projects such as bathrooms and countertops. Which such size versatility and design versatility, your options are endless with this luxury vinyl collection.