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Anderson Bentley Plank

Anderson Bentley Plank

The Anderson Bentley Plank series is a beautiful wire-brushed hardwood flooring. With subtle texture and a modern emphasis on the natural graining beauty of the hardwood, you get a rich, elegant design thanks to the soft distinction between grain types and the natural denser summerwood. With six rustic colors, you get a charming antiqued hardwood that will add a layer of softly induced warmth and invitation to your room. Each color in the Anderson Bentley Plank series has been carefully mined to bring together a chosen beauty to any room that it's laid in. Weather is a classic brown tone to a more modern silver hue the characteristics with stand to any decor in a luxurious manor and allowing any color scheme to shine around it.

The Anderson Bentley Plank Hammer Glow is a rich honey-brown color with gentle charcoal stains throughout the plank with a gorgeous scraped graining seemingly similar to the rippling of a pebble being dropped into a pond. A wonderful reminder of a clear glass jar of fresh honey in the sunlight. Golden Ore is a eleagantly gorgeous bright golden brown twisted into to proper amount yellow for that rivalry towards Hammer Glow as it takes on a lighter golden tone blended with visual browns and tans with additional dark knots speckling the planks in a more random fashion. For a more worn out look, the Nickel Bentley Plank features an additional handsome caramel color with a heavy silvery grey overlay that is visually placed on top, masking the light brown color to give the overall appearance of this hue a soft aged look. Like a perfectly aged coin. Pewter tends to aim focus on the darker brownish grey hues with an olive twist for this silver color blend, giving you a darker grey option for those that tend to enjoy the heavier colors. Copper is a muted brown color with splashes of tan, reds and grey mixed in for an older smoother copper appearance. The natural darker ripples of the wood attract attention to the smoother grey and subtle brown colors. Ringing Anvil has a unique beauty to the various grain patterns in each plank that takes on a rich firewood look with scraps of gray added randomly in a few spots. A tender mixture of darker shades of brown to bring out the aged rustic appearance.

The Anderson Bentley Plank is a hickory wood and is available in a width of 5” and a thickness of 3/8”. This engineered hardwood can be set in a few different ways with either to be stapled, glued, or as a floated floor. As with all hardwood, the length of the wood is flexible to fit any need, which is great for large spaces, small spaces, or if you’re feeling creative and have a desire to mix plank sizes and patterns. In addition, the Anderson Bentley Plank is made in America and tends to withstand heavier traffic in masking wear and tear exceedingly better than smoother floors.