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Anatolia Prato

Anatolia Prato

Anatolia Prato Tile is a brand new collection released this year for North American markets. With a variety of colors and sizes from which to choose, Prato is excellent for designers who want a traditional appearance with additional flexibility. Its high abrasion resistance and low absorption rate allow Prato to be used in high traffic areas such as kitchens and dining rooms without tedious maintenance and cleaning. In spite of its traditional designs, Anatolia Prato can work in modern dcor settings as well.

Prato is offered in four stunning colors and monolithic 18x18, rectangular 10x16, standard 13x13, or mosaic 2x2 ceramic tiles. Ivory is a perfect choice for rooms with abundant natural light and large windows, with its off-white shades ideal for creating a bright atmosphere. Classico and Walnut colors evoke a more traditional appearance, while Anthracite, with its deep shades of indigo and grey, creates a bold striking appearance that is sure to impress anyone walking into your home.