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Anatolia Kalahari

Anatolia Kalahari

Good for flooring in areas with a moderate level of pedestrian traffic, Anatolia Kalahari High Definition Porcelain tiles are resistant to heavy impact stresses. These tiles have a rustic texture and resemble the feel of agrarian living. The ageless appeal of these tiles is enhanced by the varied range of color options.

The shades of Carbon, Ice, Sand, Mocha and Mica augment the different texture and patterns of these Anatolia’s Kalahari tiles. This wide range of colors is a vibrant visual treat. Light colors of Ice and Sand are an excellent choice for smaller rooms as they make it appear larger. To yield warmth and coziness, darker shades of Mocha, Carbon and Mica are a perfect addition. With a shade variation of V2, there is only a slight variation of color and texture among the tiles.

PEI rating of 4 makes these tiles suitable for restaurants, hotels, and hospital lobbies. These tiles are impervious to water with water absorption less than 0.5. The semi-polished, rectified, bullnose and mosaics are available in the sizes of 12” x 24”, 3” x12” and 2” x 2”. They are easy to care for and no special cleaning tools are required for their maintenance. The durability of these tiles is attributed to its low porosity and Class-A chemical resistance. With a breaking strength of more than 450lbf, these tiles do not crack easily. But even if they do, only the cracked section needs to be replaced.