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Anatolia Farmhouse

Anatolia Farmhouse

With a quaint, country feel, the High definition Anatolia Farmhouse Porcelain Planks gives an old-world charm to your home. The wood-look of these tiles makes you feel closer to nature, but without the hassle of managing natural wood. Natural wooden tiles tend to chip or warp with time and requires a high level of care. But you don’t have to worry about this with these porcelain tiles. A sustainable and affordable alternative to original wood, these tiles are timeless accompanied with long-lasting durability

The warmth and elegance imparted by the Farmhouse Collection tiles are further enhanced by three different shades. The farmhouse collection features Cafe, Winterwood and Oxide colors of these planks with a moderate range variation of V3. With high definition wood grain, these tiles are almost indistinguishable from real wood. By adorning your home with the Anatolia Farmhouse tiles, you will instantly uplift its spirit. You can use a combination of these shades to customize your interior as per your requirement.

With an abrasion resistance level of 4, these Farmhouse glazed tiles in the size of 6” x 24” have an elegant sheen on their surface. It is very easy to clean these tiles and these are resistant to the household chemicals. Their low maintenance and high-stress resistance features make them perfect for light commercial and residential areas, both outdoor and indoor. Due to their low water absorption property, these high definition porcelain tiles are great for your bathroom as well. These tiles do not break easily and require grout for installation.