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Amtico Wood 4.5" x 36"

Amtico Wood 4.5" x 36"

Amtico Wood 4.5” x 36” vinyl plank flooring brings authentic appeal to various design themes. You will enjoy hardwood appeal with engineered quality that withstands the test of time.

A vast selection of 56-yes fifty six!- colors makes it easy to create custom settings in different rooms. The shades run the gamut with common benefits of beauty and durability. A wider plank width puts the artistry of this vinyl floor collection on fully display. Broader planks also have design implications based on the room size.

For instance, a smaller room clad with the bright tones of Wood Chalked Pine AR0W7750 will seem larger. Meanwhile, the expanse of a larger space is augmented by this choice. You customize contrasts by choosing light or dark colored décor, such as drapes, furniture and rugs. Amtico Wood Dark Walnut AR0W7700 lies at the other end of the spectrum. Choose this luxurious shade for living rooms, master bedrooms or dens to create a stately feel.

Our staff is happy to suggest ideas of how to combine plank widths and floor colors. The room design, location and installation are each factors to consider. We will help you make an informed choice.

Each plank is rife with rich details and texture that mimic the natural attributes of several species; such oak, maple, cherry and walnut. Looking for an exotic twist on a modern concept? Bamboo, merbau and rosewood are also available.

This array of choices allows designers to meet all design palettes with a single collection. As a result, remodeling projects stay within budget and on schedule. Contractors appreciate the no frills adhesive installation that ensures a secure and lasting fit.

What are the benefits of wood look vinyl floors? Vinyl is an inherently strong material that withstands years of foot traffic or scratching. Compared to solid hardwood, the surface is more resistant to stains, scratches and moisture damage. Separate residential and commercial warranties from Amtico Floors adds further peace mind.

To buy Amtico Wood 4.5” x 36” vinyl flooring, please call us for quotes and to arrange shipping.