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American Olean Rosendal

American Olean Rosendal

The American Olean Rosendale tile collection is here to introduce us to a flooring line with lots of potential to be incorporated into your favorite, most trendy styles today. Its neutral and elegant color palette makes it ideal to be eclectically combined with either contemporary or more traditional spaces, your choice! Transitioning from reclaimed rustic spaces to more modern minimalist surroundings, the exquisite diversity of their color palette and options in textures and other combinations canít let you down. Presenting availability in a unique variety of sizes and hues, this series will be able to glamorously match your design ideas.

Offering from the lightest cool gray to warmer and gloomier tonalities, the color palette included in this porcelain tile compilation travels across the spectrum to fit into most themes and fashions. With the cloud white freshness found through their Alabaster Motif, the neutrality and warmth of their Metro Grey, their gorgeous natural oak resemblance on Midtown Beige, and the contemporary espresso tonalities of their Urban Mocha, this is an enviable selection many would love to possess for their commercial and residential spaces. Its neutrality makes this series ideal to be mixed and matched as you please, while creating contrast and causing interest and excitement in anyone entering your interiors.

Sizes vary but this collection has a 6 inch wide by 36 inch in length as well as a 9 inch by 36 inch option. Perfect for creating various patterns with both sizes. This series are meant to add a sense of sophistication to your interior spaces, and their PEI rating makes it resistant enough for all flows of traffic and users. Now itís time to get inspired and make everything around you beautiful through American Olean Rosendale.