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American Olean Method

American Olean Method
American Olean MethodAmerican Olean Method

American Olean Method Porcelain Tile Flooring is a beautiful and meaningful tribute to the American design process with all its various sizes, colors and textures that stream seamlessly in both interior spaces and exterior areas that are in need of a luxurious covering.

A neutral, albeit rich color palette lays out a stunning backdrop for flowing, fluid movement and gorgeous and graceful visual detail. This collection features six inspired colors, the first of which is Method Structure Cream a creamy, soft yellow that sticks out as the brightest color in the series. Taking a step backward, a more subdued beige is offered in Process Beige, and then shifts into an even more traditional tone with Taupe Technique, before finally a medium to dark brown appears strategically with Strategic Brown. For a more unique approach, Method Khaki Approach is an even darker brown with a slight hue of plum, and System Stable is nearly black. This series is also made in a trio of textures, offering an even greater design variation. You can get this collection in unpolished, polished and textured, and all of these finishes in all six colors are offered in a variety of our most popular sizes in the industry, and all are offered with TruEdge rectified edges. To complete this incredibly modern and breathtaking look, use coordinating trim offerings, which include a cove base, bullnose and cove corner. This collection comes in traditional and popular 24x24 inch field tiles, along with 12x24 inch pieces for a rectangular option. Also available are 12x12 inch and 12x24 inch mosaics, for even greater design availability.

With all the color, size and texture options, this collection truly is one of the most versatile on the market today. American Olean Method Tile Flooring will make you the toast of the block, or possibly the town! Depends on how big you can dream and how swiftly you allow us to facilitate the reality.