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American Olean Bevalo

American Olean Bevalo

American Olean Bevalo Porcelain Tile flooring is an extremely reasonable priced and classy flooring option. Flawless and upscale in appearance, this collection leaves quite the impression if you're looking for inspiration for your next flooring purchase. It appeals to almost every design sensibilities so there is truly something for everyone who is not afraid to be bold in their choice. This highly-functioning flooring assortment is completely made of tile great for commercial and residential spaces and with all the durability you would expect from porcelain tile. American Olean Bevalo porcelain tile flooring truly exceeds any and every design expectation.

Bevalo from American Olean, comes in four clean and crisp colors with a contemporary palette that in sure to be a step ahead of the trends in today’s modern flooring world. In an opulent white shade, Olean Bevalo Dove is a bright and gorgeous shade that will light up any space with its creamy tones of marble –esque white that almost resemble wings of a dove.

American Olean Bevalo Mist is a medium to light gray with a stone-like swirled appearance that easily transcends any kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary. American Olean Bevalo Charcoal is your classic darker gray option, while Olean Bevalo Earth tile flooring is the perfect shade of brown with a swirled pattern that is sure to add a touch of class and dynamic beauty that will make you the envy of anyone who walks in.

This collection comes in your standard 18 in. x 18 in. sized tiles, 12x24 and 12x12. In addition to four versatile colors, you can pull together the complete look with 10x14 wall pieces and unique mosaic tiles in 3x3 inches, available in all four colors. Reveal Imaging provides depth to the American Olean Bevalo tile flooring collection.

The American Olean Bevalo series is also suitable for exterior applications for those looking for a fantastic “outdoor upgrade.” Rounding out the incredible collection are its accessories which includes floor and wall bullnoses and a cove base. With this collection you don’t need to add anything else because it comes with everything needed to transform any space.

Think of it as a bottle of delicious ready-made, margarita mix; it satisfies everything you want and need without having to buy anything else. There is nothing better than that!