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Alloc Laminate

Alloc laminate flooring line is a nice change up from the monotony of laminate flooring that can occasionally be boring in every detail. This exciting line features collections that appear to be real wood floors with desirable accents that lend themselves to be aged, vintage, and modern. Faux wood never looked or felt so good. Four brilliant collections will give every design enthusiast a large window for variety and various unusual choices.

Alloc City Scapes is a fun way to spice your home with shades like City Scapes Brighten Maple and City Scapes Bristol Oak each presenting the lighter shade of oak wood accents complete in laminate form. Alloc Commercial Grey Slate is a throwback to the natural essence of marble floors that highlight any formal dining room. Shades like Commercial Street Art are quite creative appearing to be a mix or bright, dark, and intricate colors blended effortlessly together. For the contemporary lovers or modern wood accents, Alloc Original is essential with shades as ordinary as golden Antique Oak and as exotic as chalky, muted Commercial Dark Saw Oak. With five collections to choose form, you have the ultimate access to diversity and originality.

Choose from over 15 different sizes and five collections to add some zest and modern flair to your home or business. This laminate flooring line strives to put the spice back into the laminate flooring world which can occasionally be boring. So if you want something that turns heads and starts a glorious conversation about how spectacular your property looks, choose Alloc Elite, Commercial Grey, City Scapes, City Scapes Plus, and Original for all your design needs.

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