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Adore Touch Plank

Adore Touch Plank

The Adore Touch Plank luxury vinyl collection is the beauty and strength of the wood look that you’ve been looking for (without the cost of the actual wood). Wood is an incredibly charming and attractive flooring choice for any location, but sometimes it can be pricy and the upkeep needed for hardwood isn’t worth the stress. That’s where this collection comes in. As a luxury vinyl collection, Adore offers a wide array of colors and styles which makes choosing this luxury vinyl selection a no-brainer. Though not real hardwood, you’ll still get the look and style of hardwood, you’ll just be saving yourself the fuss of actual hardwood.

This smart flooring collection boasts 20 colors and styles of wooden plank vinyl. 20 styles! Each color is incredibly unique from each other as well as attractive. Whether you want the traditional look, contemporary look, or something else entirely, there is a color option for everyone. The Adore Touch Plank Wire Brush Oak is a contemporary light grey wood color with streaks of darker grey hues and graining flowing effortlessly across each plank in their own individual styles. Villa Oak is a soft, sandy color with darker hues of sand tinging the plank. Mixed in with small nicks are small, dark brown knots. Palatial Oak is a rich caramel color that is pretty consistent throughout. Dark caramel colors flow throughout the plank leaving darker graining in its wake. Small dark knotting is also a visual feature offered in this particular plank hue. Castle Oak takes on the antiqued look with a taupe wood with heavy charcoal graining and knotting with grey tinges to the wood. Faint light brown can be seen beneath the taupe, alluding to the “original” color of the “wood” before it “aged”. Sugar Maple is a sweet golden color with an ever so slight tinge of soft red which really highlights the golden color. Dark golden grains etch through the plank offering a bright, beautiful, traditional, and “youthful” looking wood. Brazilian Cherry is an incredibly rich and stunning dark red colored wood inspired by an actual cherry. Dark cherry red tinges streak across the plank adding depth to the overall color. Bamboo is a wooden plank dressed in a soft bamboo brown with tinges of golden streaks running throughout the wood. Mahoganay is a rich red wood color with dark charcoal graining swirling and speckling about on the plank, giving it a unique, warm look. Steamed Cherry is another rich red wood only with more of a soft pink tinge to it, making it a bright, soft red color. It is very uniform in color throughout with occasional darkening of the hue on the wood. Wenge is a contemporary coffee color with dark cocoa closely graining throughout the plank, giving the wood an extremely dark look. Cottage Oak is a light brown color with hints of gold streaking through the wood along with darker brown graining. Walnut is a rich walnut brown with charcoal graining and speckling, giving it a dark tinge to the warm wood color. Elizabethan Oak is a gorgeous soft red color with charcoal tinging and speckling with occasional small knotting, giving the hue a rustic look. Victorian Oak is a milk-chocolate color with darker milk-chocolate hues staining the wood and dotting the wood with small knots. Edwardian Oak is a light beige wood with soft chocolatey brown and chocolatey knots and graining, giving it a warm, charming look. Estate Oak is a golden wood color with dark brown graining flowing across the plank and tinging spots of the wood. Tower Oak is a rich, light red wood color with a good tinge of pink to achieve the soft red look. Dark red graining flows with the wooden plank. Manor Oak is a handsome wood design with gold and brown graining streaking the plank in equal parts, giving it a charming look overall. Beech is a soft sandy beige color with faint, darker graining running across the wood to give the color a bit of depth. Finally, Chateau Oak is the classic wood color interpreted into this luxury vinyl with soft brown and darker brown graining rippling across the plank.

The Adore Touch Plank luxury vinyl collection measures in at a 6.7” x 47.6” size, making installation a breeze compared to actual hardwood planks.